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Update on Print Editions of All Books

As of right now, all three books are available in paperback form from Amazon Createspace! This move allows me to cut the price of the paperbacks from $14.99 to $7.99! We have received our proof copies and the quality is virtually identical to Lulu, just costs half the price and ships in half the time. It is pretty much a no brainer to switch. Read More »

New Wiki!

First, the production of the print edition is not going as fast as hoped, but still hope to have some news on that soon.

Second, Enemy of an Enemy has been sent to our professional editor for review. I feel this book needs the most help of anything we have put out and it is worth the pain of a second edition to get it up to par. Since it is a free book, everyone will automatically have access to a new copy via Smashwords. I do not know how Amazon, and the other stores will handle the new edition yet, but I will let you know when I find out. Expect news on that in a month or so. Read More »

Update on the Academy and an Official Contest!

Great news! I have received the full color proof of the cover for The Academy! That means we are only weeks away from its release. With this announcement I am finally able to announce the contest I have been promising since the inception of this website. The winner of this contest will get a free autographed copy of the print edition of The Academy. The contest is simple. Go back and re-read The Enemy of an Enemy, and guess which character from that novel will be the main character of The Academy. Here is a hint, it is not Grandmaster Vydor! Read More »

Mobile App Coming!

Smashwords just informed me that they have opened a new distribution partner for The Lost Tales of Power series! They are finalizing the agreements now, but within a month they expect to have the books available on most of the major mobile platform market places (including Apple, Android, Windows Phone 7 and HP’s WebOS) as an app. The series is already available on those platforms as an E-Book, but this expands everyone’s options for reading.

In other news, the final draft sketch of the cover for The Academy came in this week and it looks great! We are getting much closer to a release! The writing of Volume three also is going well and so far is right on schedule for a Winter 2011 release.  Currently the protagonist is taking a little vacation from his troubles but does not realize the very real danger he is presently in.


March Update on the The Lost Tales of Power

Editing of The Academy is going very well. We have completed the first pass where 80% or so of the grammar, syntax and spelling is cleaned up. Two pre-readers now have copies and are working through it and so far their feedback is that it is better then the first book! Read More »

Signed Copies Now Available!

Many of you have asked about signed copies of the print editions of the books, so I have made them available. Click the button below to be taken to my Square Marketplace where you can order them: