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Rebel Wing by Tracy Banghart is a story about a young woman who must give up everything she has in order to gain back the one thing she lost. Her story is told against the backdrop of a nation fighting a loosing war and the treachery that comes with desperation.

The book follows the path of Aris as she transitions from being a helpless lame girl into a soldier. When the story opens Aris is living peacefully with her parents in a section of her nation that is far enough away from the war to be at peace even though they are losing the war. Her boyfriend, Calix, is recruited and leaves before they can get “promised”.

Aris who, despite her lame leg, is an expert pilot and is recruited to join a secret group of women that serve in the military despite the law against females serving. She joins at first in hopes that she will be able to join Calix and serve with him, but her motivation changes as the story goes on.

The core of the novel is the growth and development of Aris as a person. She starts off weak and innocent, and must over come that to survive. The war, espionage, and treachery serves mainly as a backdrop to Aris’s personal story. Aris is likeable and it was easy to root for her as you got wrapped up in the story.

If you are the kind of person looking for a war story that is about the fighting, and combat this is not the book for you. While there is some of that in it, it is very subdued. If you enjoy deep espionage and stories of betrayal this is not the story for you, despite those elements being present. There are also elements of romance and unrequited love, but they are not the focus either.

However, if you are looking for a story about how a young woman comes to age in a setting with all those elements in it, then Rebel Wing is for you.

The novel is well written with out any sex (though there are some sexual tensions that Aris has to work through) or gore. The language is surprisingly and refreshingly clean for a story about soldiers at war. I would judge the book suitable for any teenager and up, but as always parents should evaluate the book for themselves.

Tracy Banghart’s Website: http://www.tracyebanghart.com/

Rebel Wing on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1qIGMiD

NOTE: I was given an ARC (advanced reader copy) by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Super Scope 10,000 – Part 3
Originally Released on July 10th, 2005

This is a continuation of the thought that started in the previous strip. This time Robby correctly plans for the heavy weight of the new mirror, well mostly…



Robby Episode 7

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I have created a Facebook group for the series. I am going to retire the Facebook “page” that is set up, because Facebook does not show my posts there to most of the people that like the page. For example the last post I made Facebook showed it to less than 10% of the people that have liked the page. It really makes the page pointless to have.

However, Facebook will show group posts to everyone in the group, and it allows for greater interaction between members. So if you are a Facebook user, consider joining the group. The email list, and this website (including the now officially under active construction wiki!) will remain active. This allows for options so that each reader can pick the medium they like best.

Thanks! And please continue to spread the word about the series to everyone that might be interested!

Here is the link to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LostTales/

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Episode 6 – Super Scope 10,000 – Part 2 Originally Released on July 3rd, 2005

When I was creating this strip a member of the astronomy forums that I used to run was talking about a massive, new mirror that he was shopping for to build a large scope for his observatory. That got me thinking about what it would be like to try and work with such a scope, so I brought back the Super Scope 10,000 for some more air time. Robby finally got his mirror for his scope, and he ran out to install it right away. Robby did not plan for one minor detail though….


Robby Episode 6

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Imagine you are an all powerful god. Through the use of your voice you can sing things into existence. You can speak a word and things are uncreated. Nothing is beyond the power of your voice. You even created the very world through your singing. Now, imagine you have been struck mute, and are forced to live among those you created in the world you fashioned.

That is the basic premise behind the fantasy novella, Witch Hunt, by Annie Bellet. The story covers the path of “Killer,” as she travels with a ragtag group of adventurers. She must complete certain tasks if she is to ever get her powers back, but she cannot communicate with her party to tell them this. They travel with her as a member of their adventuring group with no idea who she is, or what she needs.

First, a note about the length. The story is a fairly short read. I would guess it at around 40-50 pages if printed in a traditional paperback format. I read it in a single sitting. I do not typically buy works this short, but I did not realize it was this short when I grabbed it. It is part of a larger series known as the “The Gryphonpike Chronicles,” so if you read and enjoy it, there are currently three more books in the series.

The story was very much like following a game of Dungeons and Dragons. First you had the introduction to the characters, and then they traveled quickly to the first scene where a stranger gives them a quest. They then head out to fulfill the quest, which is to kill a pair of witches and save the town. It continues in this way walking through like a typical D&D quest inside a larger campaign.

I enjoyed the short read and may in the future get the other books in the series. The editing was fairly good, but there were one or two places where I had to back track and read a passage again.

Overall I recommend people who enjoy short, easy reads where the heroes are not perfect and the story is fairly linear to grab this book and the rest of the series.