Dec 182014

101 Stories Cover

So I have not talked much about this project as I was not sure it would actually happen, but over a year ago I was invited to a massive anthology with some really big names in it (including Hugh Howey the biggest name in independent publishing), but it fell through and restarted some many times I almost gave up on it, but it actually happened! As of this morning the anthology is live on Amazon, and at least in the US Amazon store FREE.

It is 101 different authors, each of us writing a single 1000 word story. I have not had a chance to read much of it yet, so I can not attest to any of the content other than my own story. I am sure it runs the gambit of family friendly to not so friendly and awesome stories to not so awesome. That is just how these things work out.

The collection includes a story I wrote featuring Dusty and Spectra called “Rage.” It is official canon to the series, and started out as a cut scene from Spectra’s gambit. Since the anthology is FREE you might as well get it, even if you just read Rage. :)

Click the cover, or here to go to Amazon and get the book. I hope you find much enjoyment in it!


Dec 152014

The Academy has just been released as an audio book! Jack has narrated it again, and has done an awesome job with it! He told me he counted SEVENTY-TWO voices in it. I had no idea there were that many speaking parts!

If you you have not yet had a chance to pick up The Enemy of an Enemy on audiobook yet, you are in luck! Amazon has enabled WhisperSnyc for it, which means you can get the audiobook for just $1.99! All you have to do is buy the free ebook from Amazon (assuming you do not already own it) and then you can get the audiobook as a WhisperSync add on for just $1.99. It is that easy!

Of course, if you are on my mailing list – you already know about this release and you know how to get it FREE. So you might want to sign up for the mailing list. If you do, drop me an email letting me know and I will tell you how to get The Academy for free.

Please spread the word! Thanks!


Dec 072014

Hey everyone I have news!

First, I want to let everyone know that the audio book for The Academy is complete! I have approved the final chapters, sent all the necessary payments, and pressed all the required buttons. The book is off to Amazon’s quality control department and should be ready for sale in the next two weeks. Make sure you are on my email list in the coming days as I will be giving away copies of the audiobook! Continue reading »

Nov 282014

Hey everyone! I know some of you like slaughtering trees for your reading pleasure, and this announcement is for you! I am offering 25% off all of my paperback editions of my books off. The coupon code only works if you order from CreateSpace, which is an Amazon company (and the people that actually print the books). To claim your discount use the code 7DSDN6CD at the following links:

  1. Enemy of an Enemy
  2. The Academy
  3. Rise of Shadows
  4. Resurgence of Ancient Darkness
  5. The Sac’a’rith
  6. Spectra’s Gambit