Aug 312014

Episode 12 – Mice on Ice – Part 3

Originally Released on August 14th, 2005

Well, the letter Robby received sure cured his black mood fast! Now he is going to sprint off to the dark sky site as fast as he can to take advantage of his new found luck. So he packs up his car and loads up! Since I set up in my backyard most of the time this has not yet happened to me. But the few times I have headed out to a dark sky site, I have always figured I would forget something critical. This week also introduced the fifth frame and a brief return to the less desirable vertical format. I was originally planning this as two strips, but I decided it would have drawn it out too much and just combined them.

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Aug 302014

It seems that some of you have wanted to get signed copies of the print edition of the books. This is something I never considered before, but it came up recently in a discussion in the Lost Tales Facebook group. I looked into what it would take to do this, and it seems easily doable. I have already had two readers run through the process and it everything seems to work well. Continue reading »

Aug 272014

I mentioned last year that a local library planned to carry my series … well it is here! This is the first time that I know of that any of my books have been spotted in the wild in print. I grew up devouring books at my school library so this is a nice touch for me. They only have the first five books, but I am hoping people stumble on them, read them, and then demand book 6 with out me having to say anything. That would be fun! Anyways, here is proof:


Lib3 Lib2




Aug 242014

Episode 11 – Mice on Ice – Part 2

Originally Released on August 7th, 2005

Robby is still quite depressed this week. Who would not be after the run of luck he has had? He does not want to open the letter he received, but the “caller” convinces him to, even though Robby is sure it will kill him. This kind of thing happens to all of us. Sometimes we just get in such a defeated state we assume the absolute worst case of everything. I guess if you are Robby, that is probably not too far from the truth!

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