Sep 212014

Episode 14 – Webcam – Part 1

Originally Released on August 28th, 2005

Robby, like most amateur astronomers, has decided that astrophotography is what he needs to be doing. So Robby calls up his favorite astronomy store and orders a fool-proof webcam. This week is the first time we see a company in the strip that does not bear the Acme logo. I decided to go with “Big Brown Truck” because it would be easily recognizable as a shipping outfit and would need no additional information or frames to explain. In the following strip, however, we ended up putting the Acme logo on the building after all.

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Sep 162014

Episode 13

Mice on Ice – Part 4

Originally Released on August 21st, 2005

This week we drop a big hint as to who the caller is, and the relationship to Robby. Robby is still in a good mood despite his failed trip to the dark sky site. This is the last installment in this storyline for a few weeks, but it sets up the strip for several other storylines to branch off.

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Sep 082014

Hey everyone! Remember how I had said that I would have big news soon, but then kind of stopped talking about it? Well that was simply because the deal that I was working fell through and left us scrambling to recover. This has set all kinds of schedules behind track, including Volume VII, but such is life. However, I now have new big news! That’s right, and instead of tease you with it, I can tell you right now! Continue reading »

Aug 312014

Episode 12 – Mice on Ice – Part 3

Originally Released on August 14th, 2005

Well, the letter Robby received sure cured his black mood fast! Now he is going to sprint off to the dark sky site as fast as he can to take advantage of his new found luck. So he packs up his car and loads up! Since I set up in my backyard most of the time this has not yet happened to me. But the few times I have headed out to a dark sky site, I have always figured I would forget something critical. This week also introduced the fifth frame and a brief return to the less desirable vertical format. I was originally planning this as two strips, but I decided it would have drawn it out too much and just combined them.

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