Oct 262014

Episode 17
Webcam – Part 4
Originally Released on September 18th, 2005

Believe it or not, the idea for this one came from the many posts I have seen where people do not have a laptop or any computer they can bring out to the telescope and yet want to use a webcam. I have also seen many ads for webcams that do not mention the need for a laptop, so I imagine many people have to find out the hard way, just like our friend Robby does.
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Oct 032014

It is live! The Enemy of an Enemy as an audio book was just released! I will keep this post very brief. The audio book is live and needs reviews! Please if you can grab a copy and leave a review, it would be a great help! I will not have free copies to give out for at least a week, but after that I will be able to give out a limited number of copies for review. Again, if you can, the sooner the audiobook gets reviews the better.

That being said, here is the direct link to the book on Audible:


Thanks for all your support! I could not have gotten this far with out all of you!

Sep 302014

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to update you on the progress of the audio release. Yesterday the status of the audio book went from “In Review” to “Headed to Retail.” All I know for sure at this time is that means it passed the quality control checks. Other authors have told me that also means that it is less than a week away from actual release when it hits that status. So I think that means we are close!

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