Aug 172014

Episode 10

Mice on Ice – Part 1

Originally Released on July 31st, 2005

This episode starts a new storyline for Robby. The intention with this storyline was to start broadening Robby’s world a bit. It starts with the introduction of a new character that we only see via telephone in this episode. This strip also starts the longest-running storyline that Robby has had to date.

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Aug 102014

Episode 9 – The Back Issue Originally Released on July 24th, 2005

The idea from this one came out of the way some stories in popular magazines and websites are written. They often will say things like “This April 10th there will be a great meteor shower…”, or “Next month there will be a real treat in the sky…” or something else along those lines. It occurred to me that someone who picked up the magazine and did not know it was a back issue…

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Aug 032014

Episode 8 – Sleepy Robby
Originally Released on July 17th, 2005

Many is the night when I would notice the moon would be setting in an hour or so, and I would consider just getting up early to use the telescope. Sometimes I would even set everything up in anticipation. It sounds like such a good plan. You get a good nap in, then use the scope for a while during the best part of the night. Even if you did not go back to bed, at least you got a few hours. Great plan…well it seems Robby has about as much luck as I did with this plan…

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