Mar 312014

Hey all! I have a new release today! That is right, the long awaited, much anticipated release day has finally come for Something To Take On The Trip. That is the charity anthology that I donated two stories to. All of the proceeds from the sale of the anthology go to the charity (Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal), and none of the authors, editors, cover artist, nor marketers get a single penny. It was all built on donated labor and donated stories. So please pick up a copy and spread the word! Here are the details:

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Mar 202014

So I have some news for everyone. First, the first draft of Spectra’s Gambit is done! For those of you new to the series (or just forgetful) my process looks something like this. First I write the rough draft and then I edit it.  This step takes months, but that part is almost done. When I am done editing, it will be a masterful piece of art with out any flaws but then I pass it to my wife. Somehow in that passing it will develop errors, which she will find and fix. Continue reading »

Mar 062014

So a few updates for everyone. First I have crossed over ninety thousand words in Spectra’s Gambit! That means I might be able to release it as soon as May or June. I am not making any promises yet, but it is looking good for a late spring release. If that happens, we might be able to get volume seven (which I must come up with a name for) out in time for Christmas. I would love to hit December 13th again, but time will tell. Continue reading »