Save The Date!

Silverleaf Ep 1As all the cool kids say these days, “Save the date!” Friday, June 12th, 2015 Episode One of The Silverleaf Chronicles (The Dragon Masters: Season One) will be released! Then if all goes to plan each new episode will hit every three weeks, until November 13th when the box set will hit containing all the episodes. READ MORE »

Dragon Chronicles hits number one!

Time for another random update on the various going ons here! First I am sure many of you notice the new look! Well, Google, the all powerful master of search, passed new rules regarding how sites appear in their index, so I had to update the site to comply. Instead of stopping there, I went ahead and redid a lot. Hopefully the new site is faster, cleaner, easier to read, and all around better. If not, just be patient, I will probably update it again in another four or five years. READ MORE »

Dragons are coming!

The Dragon Chronicles Cover

Hey everyone – I know have been quiet lately, but that is because I am trying to get Silverleaf ready for pre-readers. It is coming along well, but we had some real life events that bogged us down over the last few months (not bad ones, but still ate up time!). To that end I want to remind everyone that April 30th is the release date for The Dragon Chronicles! This anthology contains the prequel to Silverleaf know as, “The Storymaster.” You will want to get it for that story alone, but I am sure the others in it are great also. I have just started reading it myself, but I have no doubt it will be a great collection!

There will be a big Facebook party where all the authors will be hosting give-a-ways and answering questions. I will be hosting at 9 PM EST, and my wife Kristi will likely join for a bit too. So come one, come all!

I have a very limited selection of advanced review copies of Dragon that I can give away. I can only give you a copy if you can promise and follow through with your promise to post a review on release day or before. Reviews matter at the launch of a new book, so we really need you to follow through with an honest review.

Please contact me if you think you can actually follow through and do this for us. Thanks!

Update on Silverleaf and Enemy of an Enemy

Hey every one!

I wanted to update everyone on where Silverleaf is in its process of getting ready and share some news about the Lost Tales series all at once!


The Silverleaf Chronicles

Hey everyone!

Now that the Rebirth release is behind us, I am ready to start talking about the future! There will be a few posts on this subject as I want to lay out some plans for the series, some of which were in place since day one, and some of which are new experiments based on what I have learned since releasing my first book in November of 2010. READ MORE »

Signed Copies Now Available!

Many of you have asked about signed copies of the print editions of the books, so I have made them available. Click the button below to be taken to my Square Marketplace where you can order them: