Mar 032015

So the next few weeks will be a bit hectic here at Lost Tales HQ. We have three releases coming up, and lots of editing and formatting to do!

First, as those of you on my email list already know, Sac’a’rith: Rebirth is now available for pre-order at most ebook sellers! Right now it is on sale at Amazon for $2.99, but it will go to $4.99 on March 15th, so order now and lock it your purchase at the lowest possible price.

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Feb 252015

When people see me pumping away on a treadmill, or pushing myself up the hills on Liberty’s campus one more time, they all assume I am a runner. When people see me run the Virginia 10 Miler with its cruel hills, they all assume I am a runner. I tell everyone, “I am not a runner,” but no one believes me.

They say to me, “You must really love running,” and I tell them, no in fact I do not. They point to the 735 miles I ran in 2014 and say, “Oh really?” To which I reply, “Yes, really.” If I could stop today, I would never run another mile again. Continue reading »

Feb 192015

Hey everyone!

Almost anyone reading this post will have at least read Enemy of an Enemy, and should hopefully remember the battle for Arken IV. That battle was won through the use of large rocks that pummeled the planet. Over the years I have had some people question me on that. I did in fact spend months researching the attack, years ago when I wrote that scene, and I am sure my description is accurate.

Today I came across this video put out by the Discovery Channel that shows what one big rock would do to the Earth. In the book, dozens of rocks were used, so picture this… but much worse. I would say it would be effective, no?

Jan 122015
Robby Episode 19
Webcam – Part 6
Originally Released on October 9th, 2005
When I made this one I used a real photo of Mars and made it large enough so that it would be plain what happened in the last frame. Of course the “Robby Accuracy Police” got on my case a little for the slightly larger-than-life Mars. It seems that it worked since they all figured out what happened well enough to complain! :)

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