Issue with the Elwyn Chronicles.

Any of you that have been following me for a while know that I work very hard to put out a professional product. I spend money on multiple editors, recruit teams of volunteers, and yet mistakes still ┬ámake it through. Normally, they are minor and do not really impact the reader experience. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the release… Read more »

Runner Of Steel

I did something today that I once thought was beyond me. In fact, I thought it was so far beyond me that I never considered it in the realm of possible. It was just not on my radar. I am sure most people reading this would say the same about themselves.

Cover Reveal!

Vincent   March 24, 2016   No Comments on Cover Reveal!

Hey everyone! I do not really have much news, but I do want to share the cover for the next season of The Dragon Masters! So here it is:   Cool, huh? Adam Hall does a killer job on these. Pre-Reading of the manuscript is complete, and I am doing my final edits before shipping it off to our editor…. Read more »